This form sets out the Terms & Conditions of the contract between you (The Model) and Complete Models & Promotions (The Agency) for all work entered into between you and Complete Models & Promotions.
The Model and Agency enter into this agreement to set out the terms of such a relationship
The Model wishes to secure employment in modelling, photograph, television and promotional work.
The Model will be registered with the Agency on a permanent contract unless agreed in writing the termination of this contract.
The Agency shall use its best endeavour to secure engagements or assignments for the Model.

1. The rate of pay for each assignment is detailed on each booking sheet/email for each respective assignment, subject to satisfactory completion of the assignment. All assignments are subject to a maximum of 25% agency fee. (This will have already been deducted when the fee is quoted to you).

2. You are to provide your services in accordance with the terms on each booking form which constitutes a Contract for service between you and the Company in respect of the assignment.

3. The Agency shall be absolutely responsible for negotiation fees for all assignments.

4. Failure for any reason to complete the full assignment of the work for the hours specified, or any misrepresentation as to your skills and/or qualifications, may result in a reduction of fees and, in the event of a serious breach, may (at the option of the Agency) render the Contract null and void.

5. The Model is required to conduct him/herself in a proper and professional manner on all assignments.

6. In no circumstances should the Contract be passed on to any other person without the prior written consent of the Company.

7. Should you be unable, through sickness or injury, to undertake the assignment, the Company must be in formed IMMEDIATELY via telephone number 07930 450 549, 07890 111 534 or 023 80388 683.

8. You are obliged by law to pay your own National Insurance and Income Tax Deductions.

9. Similarly, you should ensure that you carry your own liability insurance in respect of the provision of your services to us and our Clients. The Company will not be liable for:-

(a) Any loss or damage to any property, or
(b) Any losses, liabilities, claims and costs in respect of any injury
to, or the death of, any person arising as a result of any act of negligence of any personnel provided by the Company, or
(c) The dishonesty of any personnel employed by the Company whilst performing their duties.

10. Whilst on assignment, you should at all times avoid putting yourself in any situation which may give rise as a risk to your health.

11. Fees are paid, unless otherwise agreed, once payment has been received from the Client by the Agency to the Model in relation to each assignment within 10 days of the date of which the Client pays the Agency the amount due for the assignment, under condition the following has been verified:

(a) Our Client has confirmed that you have attended for the full specified period and that you have provided a satisfactory service, and
(b) You have returned any uniforms, badges, surplus vouchers or promotional material issued to you in connection with the assignment. Clients are on 30-day payment terms.
(c) Should a Client fail to meet the payment terms, you, the Model, will receive 20% of the booking fee as a goodwill gesture. Should Complete Models recover the debt at a later date, you will receive the further 80% of your fee.

12. In the event of cancellation by the Company’s Client, the booking will be cancelled and no fees will be payable unless the cancellation is confirmed less than 24 hours by the Client before the booking was to commence, in which case a cancellation fee will be payable at the discretion of the Company.

13. A fine of 50% of your agreed fee shall be imposed or deducted from monies outstanding to you from the Company if:
(a) You cancel a booking, previously accepted and confirmed by yourself, within 48 hours of the commencement of booking , or
(b) You fail to turn up for an assignment without giving the required notice of 48 hours.

14. Once you have been booked to work for any Client, it is strictly prohibited to, at any time, work directly for that Client or any associated companies within an 18 months period from the last date of assignment with that Client.

15. Model must not without any prior written consent of the Agency, register with or carry out assignments for any other agency within a 40 mile radius of Southampton.

16. The Model shall not enter into any dialogue or correspondence of any kind, either directly or through a third party, other than the Agency with a client of the Agency and such Client shall at all times remain and be the client of the Agency.

17. The Agency reserves the right to terminate the registration of the Model in the event of gross misconduct in fulfilling an assignment and for the sake of clarification direct contact with a client with a view to securing enhanced rates and/or future assignments shall be considered gross misconduct.

18. The model must not divulge any of the Agency’s confidential information which the Models may receive in relation to the Agency’s business i.e. modelling fees and client information.